METAL Provider No: 581 & Australian Defence 'RIDESAFE' Provider


TOP-END & RED CENTRE Motorcycle Skills Trainer


Obtain you Motorcycle Rider Licence in the Northern Territory of Australia  

Advanced Rider Training 

Unlike driving a car, riding a motorcycle is a long learning journey, whether you are a full licenced rider or riding on the road for the first time with your L's, this Rider Training course is designed for riders of all skill levels, and personalised to your individual needs.  Whether you are accomplished at riding and want to develop further skills, returning back to motorcycling, or just learning the new skill of motorcycling. The TOP END & RED CENTRE MOTORCYCLE SKILLS TRAINER will help you develop.  Indeed, in association with other Rider Licensing and training providers we do hold scheduled Motorcycle Rider Training at Hidden Valley Raceway, 2.86km of Raceway, of riding skill development, for all breeds and models of motorcycle and rider, you must hold a Rider restricted/provisional licence as a minimum to take part.  Visit our Rates page to see any future dates